• Have you stopped telling your partner about your day due to your fear of setting him/her off?

  • Do you feel the distance between you and your partner have become bigger and bigger?

  • Are you feeling more lonely and isolated and not sure how to get support from your loved one due to frequent moves or deployments?

  • Are you worrying that your life partner doesn’t really care about you anymore?

  • Have you been going through suspected infidelity or realized infidelity and not sure what to do next?

  • Is your partner’s traumatic experience impacting your guys’ ability to communicate and have fun together?

If you resonate with any of the issues above or experience any relationship difficulty due to being in the military, Denver Military Marriage Counseling can help.

Military Couple.jpeg

All couples face difficulties as they go through their relationship journey. Military couples though, have to deal with the extra stress of last minute moving across the country, deployment and the subsequent mental health issues like depression, anxiety and PTSD. 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans reported experiencing some type of mental health condition, and that put a lot of strain on marriages. Even non deployed military couples found their relationships difficult due to marrying too young and moving too often.

We understand the impacts of military life style on relationship and intimacy satisfaction levels.

Our Military Marriage Counselors are well trained in doing couples therapy, marriage counseling and sex therapy as well as treating mental health conditions. We work collaboratively and diligently with our military couples to help them understand the underlying issues in their dynamic and come up with strategies and plans to move forward.

Here’s what our Denver Military Marriage Counselors want to share with you and your partner,


YY Wei, Found, LCSW, CST

I just want to give you and your partner the most effective and efficient strategies and skills to get unstuck.

I want to help you rekindle with each other, reignite the connection and have a deeper respect and love for each other.

Relationship is difficult but it does not have to be more difficult. Let me know how I can support in your journey of healing.


Shaun Hutto, NCC, LPC, CSAT

As a military veteran, I lived the life, the culture became me, the experience left a deep connection that cannot be understood unless you rucked a mule in those boots. Military life is hard, complicated and touches every aspect of our lives not only personally but in our families, friends and our romantic relationships. They can leave a distance between us and our partners that feels insurmountable. Our experiences can isolate us, but they don’t have to.

My love for my brothers and sisters in arms drives me to help us find those connections once again, growing stronger together and not alone. Let me support you in creating new ways to communicate and form new connections in not only ourselves but in our relationships as well.

Anil Headshot.jpg

Anil Arora, MSW

I strive to honor those who served us on a daily basis. My experience of working with veterans and their families at a non-profit agency has helped me gain more respect and gratitude for them and their loved ones. I saw their determination to reconnect with their loved ones and transition back to civilian life in spite of their struggles.

I want to help you and your partner explore underpinnings issues (Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Trauma and Intimacy Issues) so you can have the life that you want. Let me work with you to hash out a plan to break own the walls so there is more life and love in your relationship.

Navigating a relationship is hard but it does not have to be.

Let us help you build the relationship that you want.